Decisions you regret

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Thu Dec 17 15:40:30 CST 2015

I Volunteer constantly at the salvation army looking for such things to
show up.
The local salvation army office is a mess. Anything remotely heavy looking
is scrapped if they do not know what it is. They would rather have $5 in
hand for scrap rather than try to find out what something is, what it is
worth, and trying to find someone that will buy it, and then they wonder
why they cant pay the bills at the end of the month. Goodwill is a bit
different, everything gets collected and sent to a main sorting facility
(ive never been in there), i imagine it is a similar story though, a big
scrap pile full of all the old machines i could ever want, on their way to
be scrapped because they do not want to bother selling them. I have tried
to get into the goodwill sorting place a couple of times. They are not too
friendly.They want thier scrap money, and they do not want people looking
around. Alot of interesting stuff gets sent in to salvation and gets
scrapped. It is apparent they do not plan to hire me, i try to make it
known that I am the guy that buys all the old computer stuff, so at least
they give me a call if something really interesting gets sent in. Ive
gotten some pretty neat old ibm stuff, disk packs, big floppys, etc but
nothing anywhere close to a hp 1000.


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>>> Yep.  Among the things that I have
>>> given away (to Goodwill, or possibly
>>> Salvation Army) - all in running
>>> condition:
>> ....
>> I'm going to go shoot myself now.
>> ~~
>>    I'm curious, why were these given to
>> a Goodwill / Salvation Army of all
>> places?   These places don't have the
>> first clue of what to do with items like
>> these.. and they tend to be overwhelmed
>> with stuff anyway.   Not everything goes
>> out for sale.
> My reasons at the time:
> - All equipment was pretty much at its minimum value-wise
> - It could still be priced relatively highly for tax deduction reasons
> - I was very space constrained, and not using it at the time
> - I'd just gotten married (see "Spousal unit", in a later post)
> None of them good enough in hindsight for the value that equipment would
> have now, either to me or others.
> Damn - too bad I pawned that old Colt Paterson - I bet it would be worth
> something by now...
> ~~
> Mark Moulding

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