Diablo 3000 schematics wanted

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 17 11:02:31 CST 2015

> > I have one that was mangled in the house-move (the movers decided to cut the keyboard
> > cable for me).
> Wow, did you get any compensation?

You are joking, right? Their 'terms and conditions' mean you had to claim within
7 days of the move. I don;t know anybody who could inspect everything they own
within 7 days. 

Other damage included a hard disk unit being dropped so that the metal casing 
was totally out of true (amazingly the winchester drives survived)

A Pro 350 being dropped sufficiently hard that the chassis was bent so getting the
processor board out was non-trivial (that machine has been restored, although it 
really needs a new top cover).

The Dablo 3000 keyboard cable I have already mentioned, also the mains lead 
from one of my PDP11/10s was ripped out (no good reason for doing this, it
was coiled up on top of the processor box), I haven't fixed that yet

Just about every keyboard I own lost keycaps. Still looking for ones for a couple
of HP86Bs and a Newbrain

And a number of things, some of sentimental value (like a Nikon lens [1] tbat was
the last thing my father and I ever talked about), others of financial value, and some
of almost no value at all (the set of screws and internal bracketry I need to put my
R80 together) 'disappeared.

[1] I have managed to buy another one of these, but it's not the same, of course.
They were clueless about this, they took a relatively common and not-too-valuable
lens because, I guess, it looked impressive (300mm f/4.5) while leaving the much
nicer PC-Nikkor.

I estimate the total loss (including repairs) is well into 5 figures. I could have taken
them to court, but as a friend said 'There's one of you, six of them and they will
lie through their teeth'. So I just have to put thing right as best I can.

To tie in another thread, my big regret is not renting back the house I sold (the
seller would have let me do this) for a month and giving 3 of my friends
 \pounds 10000 each to do the move for me. It would have cost a bit more
but I would not be now looking for a keycap for a Newbrain or the gas strut
brackets for an R80. 



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