Decisions you regret Was: Mystery IC: Allen Bradley 314B102

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> There are similar regrets on a smaller scale.  I have one or two of the
> programs I wrote early on, in listing form.  Most I did not save, nor did
I save
> paper tapes or card decks.  I have none of the OS/360 programs I wrote in
> college -- rather unfortunate because there were some unusual things in
> them.
> Similarly, there are manuals I used to have that have disappeared; many of
> those exist elsewhere so I can still get the data, but some I have not
> CDC Algol 68 manual?  CDC 7054 buffer controller programming manual?

I remember using a flavour of Algol 68 on a CDC machine at University, I
think it was a CDC Cyber 17<mumble>, and it may have been Algol68-R.

I would still love to find the TOPS-20 port of Algol68C.

> So it's not just devices that need to be grabbed when possible, but code
> documentation as well.



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