Decisions you regret (classiccmp related)

Jay West jwest at
Wed Dec 16 09:57:02 CST 2015

Noel wrote....
Every time I think about it I kick myself... Sigh!

Although I suspect a lot of people here have stories like that...

Yeah Noel, we all do. I had a couple different really great machines offered
to me long before I got into collecting. A DG nova 3 and an IBM System/3
come to mind, I'm sure there were others. I declined and they were scrapped.
But here's one with a good ending....

Many years ago (I was around 19 years old) I acquired two Microdata Reality
M1600 core machines (including full schematics and source code, completely
unheard of for those machines). These two particular systems were very
unique (basically one of a kind) even within the microdata world. After a
time my parents ordered them out of the house and a "friend" agreed to store
them. A few weeks after moving them to his house, he informed me that he
gave them away and wouldn't tell me to who/where.

Decades later I got into collecting, found the classiccmp list, met Jim
Stephens here, and we've talked on the phone and met due to our shared
history/interest in Pick-based machines. During one conversation it was
discovered that - not directly, but through several chains of
trades/sales/pickups - Jim Stephens had those exact two systems that I used
to own. Given the unique nature of the two machines, there's no doubt they
are the exact same ones. But we've also discussed the details of who we each
knew, and pretty much ironed out who all's hands they passed through between
him and I over the years.

So... while I am sad I "let those machines go"... it's great to know that
they eventually wound up in a great home of a fellow collector that I know -
instead of the shredder!



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