Interest level for new PDP-11 indicator panels

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Dec 16 09:52:58 CST 2015

So I've mention that Dave Bridgham and I are working on a new QBUS board (the
'QSIC', for lack of a more imaginative name) that will emulate a variety of
older DEC disk controllers/drives using a micro-controller/FPGA and SD cards.
(We currently have one prototype [for Dave] mostly constructed, and another
[for me] half-way done.)

Since Dave and I are both blinkenlitz addicts, we're doing an indicator panel
option, emulating exactly the look of the old DEC indictor panels (4x36
lights, with 'inlays' to customize a panel to particular controller, mounted
in a 5-1/4 panel for a 19" rack). (These panels are specific to the QSIC, and
don't work with the original controllers.) A QSIC will be able to drive up to
4 (or so) indicator panels - I plan to have 3 on my machine: RK11, RP11, and a
fixed-head disk.

So I'm trying to get a sense of how much demand there would be for the
indicator panel option (for parts ordering; I have a chance to buy some
discontinued stuff, and I want to know how much to stock up on). If you would
be interested in one or more indicator panels, could you let me know? (Please
don't reply to the list, just to me personally.)



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