Decisions you regret Was: Mystery IC: Allen Bradley 314B102

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Dec 16 09:17:20 CST 2015

    > From: Brent Hilpert

    > I threw out a print-only selectric a few years ago ... Regret it now,
    > just because it would have been fun to figure it out. C'est la vie.

I can top that.

MIT offered me (as a gift) the PDP-11/45 that I used to run; it included a
pair of CalComp 50MB drives, a pair of RK05s, an ABLE ENABLE, 3 H960's, lots
of other goodies. I blew it off, I was too busy dealing with other things at
the time (I was on the IESG at that point) to deal with arranging to get it
shipped down to me. They gave it to someone else, and near as I can work out,
eventually it got scrapped.

Every time I think about it I kick myself... Sigh!

Although I suspect a lot of people here have stories like that...


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