What did computers without screens do?

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Tue Dec 15 23:13:25 CST 2015

> What would you do with a home no screen computer?

Depends on what counts as a "screen".  If any visible output counts,
there isn't much - but I suspect you don't want to go that far.

You can connect to it from other computers.  I have six machines
running right now with no screens on them (though four of them have the
host-side hardware for a screen).

You can talk to it with a terminal.  If a video-display terminal counts
as a screen, use a printing terminal.

You can use whatever output it _does_ have.  I had (I've since passed
it along to someone who appreciated it more than I did) a PDP-8/f.  It
had a row of lights which functioned as an output device.  Another
machine I used in the past had a small LED display, something like one
line of twenty characters (though that may count as a screen).

I'm sure I've missed some options....

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