PDP 11/05 S vs 11/05 NC

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 07:48:42 CST 2015

> Yes, and my guess that they are of different vintage. The BA11-D is the
> older box used for the NC and the BA11-K is the more modern box used for
> the S model. Over the years the memory requirements increased and thus they
> had to increase the density.
> I think the NC/ND models are the first 11/05s along with the low cabinet
> model. The a few years later the S model was added.
> /Mattis
OK.  My instinct was to suspect this, but I was unsure because I started
with a bare BA11-K and empty H765, and then located the cards and brick
regulators described in the DEC docs to determine and pick correct parts to
complete the system.

I have been using the 11/05 S in the BA11-K as a "bench" UNIBUS system for
testing UNIBUS cards, I don't intend to rack this one up.  I don't even
have a front panel bracket or cover.  The front panel is attached with two
screws laced through the rack mount holes and into the screw opening of the
two top front panel holes.  Works well enough for testing purposes.  I
loaded BASIC into core as if it were an 8K system and left the top 8K open
for other things.

My NC model has just the 8K.


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