Commodore 64?

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> If I would have known!!! WOW I would have just read more posts before I
>> posted my first post look at this mess... There is no reason for people to
>> be rude or disrespectful to new people like myself. I have never joined a
>> place like this I know now that it has been said 1000000000000 times to
>> scroll down and put my text there all I wanted to do was talk about my new
>> Commodore 64's.  Can we do that?  I make a post about creepy pastas and all
>> I got was made fun of? Do yall not want new people to join? I think I can
>> learn a lot from here that's all I want to do! There are many Computer
>> geniuses on here that I can learn a lot from that's what I'm interested in
>> and I like Creepypasta's and I collect Honda ATC 3wheelers. But can we get
>> back on track with the Commodore 64?
> Much love for the plastic micros from the 80s, at least with me! Some
> people are into the larger DIGITAL Equipment Corp stuff (PDPs, Vaxes) and
> other large systems. I used to be big into Unix workstation hardware,
> including big ones so went up through lots of them until I hit the
> mountaintop with Cray stuff. It's so heavy and no permanant place for it so
> these days I prefer it when I can put 3 systems into a plastic tub.
> I'm involved with a music and gaming festival (the music is mostly video
> game music) and we've spawned a computer museum as a come-back side
> project. This year I think there was about 32 to 34 systems out which
> include classic Macintosh stuff (Something personally I'm not a fan of
> outside of the case designs), a NeXT, some Atari ST, Atari 8 bit, Color
> Computer 2 or 3, Apple II, Apple IIGS, 8088 IBM PC, 80286, 80386, 80486. I
> think Mike had 2 of the later PCs (the 486es) on thinnet running Doom over
> Next year the computer museum space is around 3000 square feet and I think
> they're going to bring more like 100 to 120 machines (not sure.) I've
> offered them my Octane, Indigo, NeXT, Sun Voyager, Atari Mega 2, Atari
> 520ST (need a mouse), Atari TT030 (need a mouse), Amiga 500, (probably hold
> bcak Amiga 600 it's so small it makes me nervous), C64, Dolch PAC luggable
> PC w/ Gravis Ultrasound, and some other stuff. Gave away the Model 4 TRS-80
> but it should be coming. They've got a lot of the plastic microcomputer
> stuff covered until you hit fringe stuff like Mattel Aquarius and import
> machines. I did meet locals that import Russian and other MSX clones but
> don't have solid enough contact information to get any of it (might need to
> run an inverter to generate 50hz power and PAL TVs for that stuff.)
> Friends have all sorts of stuff, and some things might be coming like a
> X68000 (for the Castlevania fans :-) and MSX and other fun things.
> Anyways, where was I. Oh yea. Much love for the Micros, but different
> people came up at different times. My only CPM box is a beautiful IMSAI
> 8080 -- which I keep covered. Still building the S100 CF card.
> Check out the C64 SD adapters or the XA1541 if you haven't.
> --
> Ethan O'Toole

I have seen the SD adapter that is going to be my next purchase I just have
to get through CHRISTmas then I will get the SD reader. You could fit every
game and utility on that SD card!

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