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> The one question I do have for the older gentlemen on here is what in the 
> world did the computers without a screen to look at do? Now I know about 
> the tape, > cassette tape's and even the paper with the hole punches in 
> them but what kind of applications were they use for? Mathematics or? ? ?=

When I started in 1969, displays certainly were not commonplace, but we got 
the jobs done anyhow.
All our (administrative) jobs started as punched cards (later data-entry on 
IBM 3740), were read via an IBM 2540 card reader / puncher, handled on an 
IBM 360/40, with output on e.g. the venerable 1403 printer. Data was kept on 
magnetic tapes and 2311 harddisks, with each a whopping 7.25 MB capacity.
So, when you had to look at something, you looked at fanfold paper, with 
holes on both sides.
Other applications could put holes in cards

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