Anyone interested in old (PDP-8 driven) Radio Automation hardware?

Tue Dec 8 22:59:53 CST 2015

since we collect broadcast gear for radio and TV 
we would like to buy this  depending on where it is located.
are there any  tapes too???  we are VERY INTERESTED!!
thanks ed sharpe archivist for smecc.
In a message dated 12/8/2015 9:54:10 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
thrashbarg at writes:

On  9/12/2015 2:26 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> My understanding is that this  system hooked to banks of what were
> essentially 8-track tape drives,  each of which held a short loop of tape
> (containing a song, an ad,  call info, etc.) and the 8/m was programmed 
> a playlist of sorts  so that even in the early 70s you didn't need to 
have a
> real DJ on  premises to run a radio station.  (I had no idea this sort of
>  thing went back that far!)

Very interesting. The cartridges  were probably NAB cartridges.  See
<>. I got a pile of these  from
a guy who worked at the ABC (Australia), mostly studio-link  failure
apology announcements and a few calibration tapes.

The  content is usually very interesting on these old cartridges. It'd
be a  shame if the radio station just threw them  out!


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