IDE knowledge anyone?

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Dec 7 13:06:15 CST 2015


OK, i tried now to set Drive/Head first before I set all the other
registers. No success.
I then added a 10ms delay after the data is set for each register,
disable /WR and then wait another 10ms before I execute the next
I also added status checks after each register setting. It stays 0x50
everytime I check it and just after I issue the command it goes to

Feel a bit clueless here :/


Oliver Lehmann <lehmann at> wrote:

> Hi Toby,
> Toby Thain <toby at> wrote:
>> I think Jon is probably on to something.
>> You can check out the delays in my PIO bit-banging code here:
>> I tested it on a few drives & spent a lot of quality time with the  
>> spec...of course I can't guarantee it would work for your specific  
>> drive, but it might give you a clue where a delay is missing.
> I think that what goes wrong in my code is the pure reading/writing
> stuff since the IDENTIFY command works without any problem. So I
> checked checked your ASM code for the PIC specific for that purpose.
> From what I see in "ide_lbacmd" in ide.asm, you wait for BSY and DRQ
> to get low, via "ide_devselect", then issue the drive+head register,
> wait again for BSY and DRQ still in  "ide_devselect" . Then, back in
> "ide_lbacmd" you issue the other sector/cyl/head registers. Right
> after that you issue the command to execute without any further
> waiting.
> Now is the point where I get the error bit - so how the data is read
> is probably not important here.
> I'll tra to "redo" your code tonight, but beside that you issue the
> drive+head first and I do just before I issue the command, I don't
> see a big difference here.
> I wonder if I could query the drive for the sector/cyl/head data it
> works with to see if they where recieved correctly. I guess it just
> gets invalid data for at least one of this so it response with ERR
> for any read or write command because of "invalid addressing" (I
> think).
> Do you know if there is a way to find out what sector/cyl/head the
> drive tried to process the command?
> Regards,
> Oliver

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