PT-210 Serial Board

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Sun Dec 6 21:03:02 CST 2015

A few years ago I entered the schematics and laid out a design for the 
serial board option for the TRS-80 PT-210 printing terminal using gEDA. 
I found the schematics in a hardcopy of the service manual[1].  I 
revisited the project a couple of days ago and reentered the schematics 
into Kicad.  I remembered that the reason I never made the board was that 
I was unsure of its correctness.  The schematics and foil patterns 
contradict slightly and a couple wires seem to be missing from the 

Does anyone here have a PT-210 with a working serial board?  I would like 
to work with you to beep out various points so I can figure out what's 

I also found a Youtube video showing a PT-210 with the serial board in 
action.  See

[1] Scanned and uploaded to

David Griffith
dave at

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