Long shot: Connection Machine board needed.

ethan at 757.org ethan at 757.org
Fri Dec 4 09:41:23 CST 2015

> I have a CM-200A; the smallest 'classic' CM machine. I've started a
> project, with some ex-TMC people (notably the designer of the
> beautiful chassis the CM machines came in, Tamiko Thiel) to get my
> machine operational next year, for the 30th anniversary of the launch
> of the CM.

Kudos! You're the first private collector I've heard that owns a CM!

A SGI fanboy friend I think almost scored a CM-2 once but it didn't 

One CM5 I saw in real life was small and not impressive looking, was a bit 
let down. Then when I saw the 2nd CM-5 cabinet in real life it was so huge 
that I realized had I ever found one it wouldn't fit in any normal garage 
or room.

-- Ethan O'Toole

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