Long shot: Connection Machine board needed.

Mike Ross tmfdmike at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 02:48:23 CST 2015

The chances are slim, but someone may know someone... feel free to
contact me off-list.

I have a CM-200A; the smallest 'classic' CM machine. I've started a
project, with some ex-TMC people (notably the designer of the
beautiful chassis the CM machines came in, Tamiko Thiel) to get my
machine operational next year, for the 30th anniversary of the launch
of the CM.

Unfortunately we've hit a complete show-stopper right off the bat. My
machine has a complete set of compute node and I/O boards, but is
missing the crucial 'NX' board; the board in the CM that interfaces to
the front-end.

See: http://www.corestore.org/cm2a.htm

I need to locate one, or we're dead in the water. I *know* there are
people out there who keep a very low profile and have CM hardware
squirreled away in their basements. Another possibility, perhaps the
best, is to *borrow* an NX board from a non-functional machine in a
museum collection, something that will never be more than a static

Anyone in a position to help or advise, please get in touch. I'm
reaching out to former TMC staff and customers by various other
routes, but someone here may know something.



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