De-yellowing results

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Sun Aug 30 19:55:40 CDT 2015

On Sun, 30 Aug 2015, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 08/30/2015 11:08 AM, Jules Richardson wrote:
>> On 08/28/2015 12:08 PM, Evan Koblentz wrote:
>>> We're thinking about building that kind of "deyellowing station" in 
>>> the MARCH warehouse.
>> Hmm, single UV lamp, couple of stepper motors and a couple of circular 
>> tracks, one set at right angles to the other - plus a few misc. bits 
>> and pieces? ;-)
> I'd wager that a couple of T8 germicidal lamps (UVC) would do the trick 
> pretty quickly, but they're pricey, unless you have a friend who runs a 
> slaughterhouse or sewage treatment plant.  Can be ordered through Home 
> Depot.

Wrong type of UV. You are mostly getting long wave UVA outdoors, so 
blacklight lamps would seem to be the correct (and MUCH safer) choice. 
When I looked at 24" T8 bi-pin blacklight lamps, they were going for about 
USD $10 per lamp.

UVC germicidal lamps would also require an enclosure to protect the user 
from exposure to short wave UV. This isn't as necessary with long wave UVA 
(unless someone was going to be around it for long periods of time on a 
regular basis).

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