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Jules Richardson <jules.richardson99 at gmail.com> writes:

> Yes, it's a desktop system.

There's a news article about the FX series of machines in "Electronics
and Power", January 1983, p89:

"They will be IBM compatible, and will offer built-in
local-area-networking capability. [...] the FX20, which is built around
an 8088 microprocessor and 7220 graphics controller. [...] The operating
system will be CP/M-86 [...] A utility version (FX21) of the computer
will be brought out for the OEM market, and the model FX30 will
incorporate integral Winchester hard disk."

And there's an April 1983 review of the FX20 in Which Micro:

They produced an AT clone called the FX100 a couple of years later:

So I'd guess the FX31 was an OEM version with a hard disk... except that
the one in the auction Steve pointed to has a label on the back saying
the network ports are different from the FX20/30/50, so perhaps it was a
later revision of the FX30?

Bill Bostock was the Technical Director of Future Computers Ltd. at that
point, and his CV includes "Developed Future Computer PC", so he'd
probably be the person to ask for more details:


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