Sales of unearthed Atari games total more than $100,000

Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at
Sat Aug 29 21:30:15 CDT 2015

I managed to get one of the cartridges, but it was not an E.T. cartridge.
I got one of the dirtier ones, I wasn't gonna pay over $300 for it.

When I got mine on eBay, the more pristene cartridges were going for $1000
to $1500. I only saw 6 or 7 items like that though. But from what I recall,
the person doing the selling was only selling around 30 cartridges at a
time, most being sold individually - though there were a few really dirty
carts they tried to sell as a lot (e.g. 3 cartridges in one sale).

So, not only did I get a cartridge (in a plastic bag, with some dirt from
across the pond), but I did get some neat documentation too (which did
include a few pictures).

Andrew Burton
aliensrcooluk at

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> I was surprised to see the average cart price to be over $120!
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