Future Computers FX31

Steve Hunt stephen.hunt at iname.com
Sat Aug 29 16:10:01 CDT 2015

>Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 9:12 PM
>From: "Jules Richardson" <jules.richardson99 at gmail.com>
>Yes, it's a desktop system. From what I can make out from the photos, IC
>dates seem to be in 1987. I don't know what CPU it has - the owner just
>mentioned it as being pre-'386 - but it's odd to see an 8 bit ISA bus in
>something so late (and so with the inclusion of LAN hardware and the video
>input port, maybe it was built with a specific purpose in mind)

I'm guessing this is it:


Scroll down to find the images of a desktop unit.  The pics look just like an FX31 that was advertised on ebay.co.uk earlier on this year.

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