VMS drivers

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Fri Aug 28 11:34:05 CDT 2015

Hello, guys,

While rummaging through recovered backups from my MicroVAX I 
found a few items that might be of interest to the group.

I got an MDB mag tape interface (quite possibly the ONLY 
Pertec Unformatted controller ever made for Q-bus) that 
follows the MT-11 register format.  There was no driver for 
this.  I got a homebrew MT-11 driver for Unibus machines 
from somebody at work, and hacked it up to assemble for VMS 
4.7 and adjust to the quirks of the MDB board (which were 
REALLY minor).

I also have a driver for my Jupiter 7 for the MicroVAX.  
Thus used a DRV11-WA DMA interface with some wire-wrapped 
glue logic to adapt to the Jupiter's 50-pin interface bus.  
It is based on the stock DRV11-WA driver, with some 
additional logic to handle the handshakes between Jupiter 
and the DRV11.  Additionally, I built a graphics library 
based on the NASA min-Vicar image processing suite, which 
was a hideous hack job that ran on the PDP-11.  That used 
pre-assigned, numbered files.  I generalized it to use 
normal VMS files of arbitrary size, but otherwise kept most 
of the original functions.  I used the VMS table driven 
parser, tparse, to parse most of the commands.

I also knew a fair bit about Versatec printers back then, if 
anybody ever wants to get one of those hideous machines running.

If anybody is interested in these drivers, etc. let me know.


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