De-yellowing results

Evan Koblentz evan at
Fri Aug 28 11:28:59 CDT 2015

>>> Regarding the keycaps -- Corey Cohen suggested that I remove them and soak them in 3% peroxide. Going to have to try that.
> Well, remember this is with just 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is quite a bit less than what's in the hair gels (what's it, 20-40%)? I used this on my commodore 128D, just a handful of parts and it worked fine. It did take
> several days to work though, which is probably better as far as the blooiming and streaking effects that happen with the stronger treatments.

Ah! That explains my lack of results. I soaked the keys for five or six 
hours. They got clean, but didn't change color very much. Sounds like I 
pulled them out too soon. Several days, you say?

The keys float (as noted in T's link), so I just turned them upside-down 
in the peroxide.

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