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Fri Aug 28 01:50:16 CDT 2015

> On Aug 27, 2015, at 23:22 , r.stricklin <bear at> wrote:
> Yes, your tapes need baking. Even for folks who don't experience problems as catastrophic as yours, the TK50, TK30, and TK70 will each stall out if it senses the tape dragging even slightly. That includes for rewind/unload.

At least in the case of the TK30, it appears to insist on digging itself further and further into the hole. It runs the tape forwards first, then it experiences trouble, then it panics and quits. Each attempt just puts more tape on the take-up reel at best, and can end up making a tangled mess like the one I pictured. Extracting the tape without cutting it and dumping it on the floor takes a lot of effort and disassembly.

Ok, so I need to build my media ez-bake oven before I try anything else with my TK drives. I think I ought to build a cartridge de-interlocker and manual rewinder gizmo, too, to make the failures less painful. Not this month, but one of these days!

Can the TK50 cartridges be baked as-is, or do the reels need to come out of the casings to get air flow? I'm new to this magnetic pastry chef stuff. :)

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