De-yellowing results

Terry Stewart terry at
Thu Aug 27 16:04:06 CDT 2015

>I don’t think I’ve seen anyone document that process.  I’ve only seen
anecdotes that the yellowing returns.

Yes, it would be good if someone took a month by month series of photos.
My experience is more than an anecdote though...I have the photos to prove

I have seen one other person mention on a discussion forum that they had a
similar result.  It would be good to get some other experiences though.

Interestingly, my Lisa 2/5 mentioned in my writeup, hasn't reverted to it's
yellowed state even though it is the only example mentioned above that is
not boxed and sits in light (dim light mind you)..  It still seems ok,
which leads me to think that yellowing regression is complex and may depend
a lot on the plastic mix in the first place.

>Regarding the keycaps -- Corey Cohen suggested that I remove them and soak
them in 3% peroxide. Going to have to try that.

Yes, just be careful Evan.  If they are grey(ish), it's very easy to
overcook them and get streaking as mentioned in the writeups below.  It
works very well for white keys.

Terry (Tez)

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