RT-11 on a PDP-11/10

Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Tue Aug 25 17:45:10 CDT 2015

Hi all. Update have an 11/10, that was recently powered on again for the 
first time in I don't know when. After some fiddling with the RX01 
disks, we put an RL11 and an RL02 on it. Lots of space, I know. :-)
Also, we have RT-11 running on it. And for fun, we wanted to run the 
original Tetris. But here is the catch - Tetris is using some 
instructions that the 11/10 don't have. (I would guess EIS stuff.)

Do anyone know if there is some software emulation of these instructions 
that can be added to RT-11 in order to be able to run such programs?

RT-11 V5.5 by the way, if anyone wants to know. And no, I am not sitting 
by the machine, or trying to play with it personally. It's other people 
at Update. But an 11/10 is cute.
And we did boot the RL02 on Magica (11/70) to check that there is 
nothing wrong with the binary, and it runs fine on that large machine.


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