Altair BASIC copyright [was RE: Larry Niven's Altair]

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Tue Aug 25 14:25:17 CDT 2015

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Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2015 2:45 PM
>But   would  you REALLY  even  want to  spend  the amount
> of money to argue this  with the lawyers of  Gates and  Allen?

Argue pro se for a while at least. You don't always have to have a lawyer. Where's the sense of adventure? I know if it went to the end you'd probably never win, but you could punch around for a little while then capitulate. IANL but in many of these cases if you fold after a few exchanges of paperwork nothing happens.

Just kidding on this, but it seems like a fun time.

I'd suggest a petition or social media bomb to Microsoft's PR departments asking for clear use rights for this software, but they might realize they can make $98 from the sale over the next 10 years and decide to market it again.


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