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Sometimes the yellow coming off is just the degraded plastic. Even a mild 
cleaning just removes the surface layer of degraded plastic.

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On Monday (08/24/2015 at 04:43PM -0700), Ali wrote:
> > I recently restored several VT100 that were extremely yellowed as well
> > as filthy dirty.
> >
> > I put the plastics in my bathtub and sprayed them heavily with "Krud
> > Kutter", intending only to remove the dirt.  To my surprise, much of
> > the yellowing came off too.   It didn't return them to their pristine
> > original color but significantly reduced the yellowing as a tea colored
> > runoff pooled in the bottom of the tub.
> Chris,
> Do you have pictures? I wonder if one of the main ingredients maybe H2O2.
> Also how long ago did you do this? There may not have been enough time for 
> a
> return to the yellow color.

I don't have any pictures--  no before/after sort of thing as I am
usually done with these projects before I think about taking pictures.
I'm not big on that.

I did this a little over a year ago and they look the same today as
they did when I finished putting them back together.   Not that this is
any evidence of how they will look in 30 more years but there's a good
chance I will be done with them by then any way...

Chris Elmquist 

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