Paul Koning paulkoning at
Mon Aug 24 18:41:50 CDT 2015

> On Aug 24, 2015, at 7:28 PM, Chris Elmquist <chrise at> wrote:
> I recently restored several VT100 that were extremely yellowed as well
> as filthy dirty.
> I put the plastics in my bathtub and sprayed them heavily with "Krud
> Kutter", intending only to remove the dirt.  To my surprise, much of
> the yellowing came off too.   

Sometimes yellow is color change of the plastic, and sometimes it's just crud.  Our current home was rather yellow inside when we moved in.  After I sprayed everything with windex and wiped it all down, it was back to white.  The yellow was simply a large amount of tobacco residue from the chain smoking late owner.


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