Ali cctalk at
Mon Aug 24 13:37:11 CDT 2015

> If you're talking about rattle-can painting, I can believe that.
> But there's painting using professional spray gear, as well as powder-
> coating.  Rattle-can was never intended as anything but an "any idiot
> can do it" proposition.

Hi Chuck,

Actually I was talking about professional spray gear in a vented hood. I agree spray can is definitely a non-starter but so is powder coating for most people. My point was in the general hobbyist community most of us have access to spray cans or at best a spray gun. A few of us may have access to an oven (through a body shop for example) and very high end paint but then the cost begins to go up exponentially. Even then there is texture to worry about and color matching. Given these limitations painting a case is really not feasible for most of us. Retrobright while imperfect is good for the occasional times when you want to show off your gear (sort of like waxing and buffing the chrome on the old car to a super shine before taking it to an auto show). Paint offers a bit of a better look but with its own tradeoffs. 

We ma all just have to live with yellow gear ;).


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