VT100 preventative maintenance?

Jarratt RMA robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Sat Aug 22 13:00:33 CDT 2015

I can't say I know for sure, but I did replace all the electrolytics on the
video control boards of both my VT101 and VT102, because there was a
definite wobble to the image on both terminals. Replacing all of them fixed
the wobble. As I have posted before, I did this after testing each
capacitor with the test equipment I have, which is just a capacitance meter
and an ESR meter, neither of which appeared to reveal a problem.



On 22 August 2015 at 18:52, Earl Evans <earl at retrobits.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have two VT100 terminals. Both of them work just fine.
> Should I leave well enough alone, or is there preventative maintenance that
> should be done? For instance, should capacitors be proactively replaced. In
> general, I'm thinking about things that, if they fail catastrophically,
> would cause collateral damage.
> Thanks!
> - Earl

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