Data I/O 29B

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Aug 22 08:17:02 CDT 2015

    > From: wulfman

    > I have a modified dos program that talks to the data i/o
    > its the one that they sold with the unit but only ran on a 286
    > ...
    > the modified one i have works in windows 7 in a dos box

I seem to recall that I downloaded some software to run my 29B (although I
have yet to work with it extensively), and that it did run in a DOS box under
Windows 98? Is that the '286' one you're referring to?

If so, maybe that won't run in a DOS box under the later versions of Windows?
Or maybe I have a different program from the one you're talking about? (Or
maybe I somehow downloaded an already-fixed version?)

    > if your interested i can send it to you

Other than running under Windows 7, does it have any other improvements?
If so, I might be interested.

Whatever the case, if you would like someone to host it for open download,
let me know.


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