Data I/O 29B

wulfman wulfman at
Fri Aug 21 22:45:15 CDT 2015

I have a modified dos program that talks to the data i/o its the one
that they sold with the unit but only ran on a 286
or lower system the modified one i have works in windows 7 in a dos box
not tried it on a win8 or 10 system but i dont see why it would not work

if your interested i can send it to you

On 8/21/2015 8:05 PM, Randy Dawson wrote:
> Something must be wrong here, the 29B/unipak is very easy to use.
> I was the rep in Houston (USDATA) and I must have sold 50 of these.  It went for $4500 with the unipak.
> A typical demo we would plug in a dumb terminal, its a lot more effective demo to select a device than from the keypad.
> One of these I sold to Gateway Technologies, Rod Canion.  The demo and sale went down at a pancake house on the Southwest Freeway.
> They used it to suck the BIOS out of the IBM PC, and form Compaq Computer.
> Randy
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>> On 8/21/15 5:33 PM, Billy Pettit wrote:
>>> This is the poorest documentation I've ever seen on a piece of test equipment.
>> The problem is they went through at least three generations of 
>> programming packs (individual device, unipak, unipack2/2A/2B)
>> There is a text file (unipak2.txt) that I sent you that lists
>> about 1000 devices along with the family and pin adapter.
>> I gave up on anything earlier than the 2900/3900/Unisite a LONG
>> time ago. I'd just offer them to people in the bay area and not
>> even bother testing them. I should have the docs on bitsavers for
>> them.

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