Cheap board guy

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Aug 21 19:11:37 CDT 2015

    > I lucked out. One of the dead ones had a broken trace on the bottom, and
    > cracked corner of the socket for one of the big square chips.

So does that one work now?

    > The second one started working after I simply re-seated the two square
    > chips around their sockets.

Yeah, that happens a lot. I got an 11/23 from him, it didn't work at first, I
re-seated the CPU and MM chips, and now it seems to be fine.

Excellent news, though!

    > Well, now both my 11/23 and 11/73 CPUs work with the MSV11-DB cards.

Right, those are Q18.

    > a Clearpoint(?) Q22 memory card

Camminton makes 2MB dual cards (CMV-504, although you can upgrade partially
populated ones, which have a different number - 254, 500, 250); alas, the last
one on eBay just sold, although there may be some out there from dealers like
Continental). National Semi makes 1MB dual cards (NS23C - well, the manual
says they are only 256KB, but they can be upgraded to 1MB with 256Kx1 chips,
and a couple of simple etch cuts).


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