Vintage Software Copyright

Geoff Oltmans oltmansg at
Fri Aug 21 18:18:28 CDT 2015

On Aug 21, 2015, at 5:25 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:

> In fact, the clear copyright issue was apparently why IBM chose to ALSO sell CP/M-86.  However, there are disagreements about whether the pricing choice was an IBM effort to sabotage the CP/M-86 sales, or a serious error by DRI.  (I believe the latter)

The way I've heard the story before, was that Kildall was surprised when he finally saw the price sheet for the pricing of CP/M-86 vs PC-DOS. I guess we can either interpret that as he priced it too high and had no idea what MS were charging for PC-DOS, or that IBM deliberately priced them out of the market.

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