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>> That's why I speak out against attempts to paint copyright violation as oth$

Please don't misquote me.  That was not all one line when I wrote it,
it was not all one line when I saw it come back on the list, and it was
not all one line when someone else quoted it; for you to quote it that
way is misleading at best, giving the impression I don't know any
better.  I would think you, as a writer, would be especially aware of
the hazards of misquoting.

> I write for a (meager) living.  If someone were to take my work and
> decide for themselves that it should be online for free, then they
> ARE stealing from me.

You might prefer that were true.  You might attempt to Humpty-Dumpty
"stealing" in such a way.

But that is not what the word means in law and it is not what the word
means in ordinary usage.  There is nothing you had before such an event
that you no longer have after, except a higher chance that people
willing to pay your price would do so.  They are stealing from you
about as much as someone who sets up shop selling apples for $0.90 a
pound is stealing from someone next door selling apples for $2.00 a

It's illegal (the copyright infringement, that is, not the
apple-seller).  It's unethical and/or immoral (to most people).  But
stealing it is not.

> That is reality, not the semantics of case law.

Perhaps you would like others to believe that.  Perhaps you believe it,
even.  But it is still false.

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