More on manuals plus rescue

ethan at ethan at
Thu Aug 20 14:57:42 CDT 2015

> Gosh, please don't do that! What a terrible piece of advice. A large portion
> of the HP manuals are unavailable, and HP doesn't have them either. I have
> been looking for the operating and service manual for the HP 12050A (HPIB
> fiber optics extension) in vain. Couldn't find the one for the HP 7225B
> (gantry XY Pen Plotter) online, but found a hard copy version on ebay.
> Couldn't find any doc on the personality interface on it. On the computing
> side, many of the interface cards for my HP 1000 are undocumented or missing
> critical documents. Often a user manual is available, but not the service
> one. Sometimes you find the A, but not the B and they are significantly
> different. Etc, etc... And I am not talking obscure instruments at all.

Scan it all. Release it all. Set it free.

(Anyone have the schematics or service manual for Yamaha C1 music 
computer? Yamaha doesn't.)

Ethan O'Toole

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