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Mazzini Alessandro mazzinia at tin.it
Thu Aug 20 14:07:24 CDT 2015

Technically I fear is not an accurate terminology. Pirates used to roam the
seas and use weapons to steal valuables or kidnap for ransom, or pillage.

I suppose they started to use the term due to the "sea of information" that
actually is internet, but technically the act of copying a software is
closer to making good fake copies of an item ( bags, shoes, etc ), at least
this is my personal view 
That's usually called "forgery"

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On Thu, 20 Aug 2015, Mouse wrote:
> Copyright violation is not theft.  (That doesn't make it OK.  I just 
> get so sick of people tossing around emotionally loaded words like 
> "theft" and "stealing" when discussing copyright violation I feel it 
> incumbent on me to point out that they are not accurate.)

So, "PIRACY" isn't accurate terminology?   :-)

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