More on manuals plus rescue

tony duell ard at
Thu Aug 20 14:12:17 CDT 2015

> I suppose they started to use the term due to the "sea of information" that
> actually is internet, but technically the act of copying a software is
> closer to making good fake copies of an item ( bags, shoes, etc ), at least
> this is my personal view
> That's usually called "forgery"

Not really. Forgery (at least of items) normally has the idea of using inferior
materials or construction and passing it off as an product of another company.

For example, if you wrote an 8080 BASIC with lots of bugs, with many functions
missing, etc, and then tried to pass it off as the Microsoft BASIC that would
be forgery I think. 

But a copy of the Microsoft product _is_ identical to the genuine article. It is the
same bit patterns. Once loaded into your 8080 system memory it works the 
same way. So IMHO it is not really a forgery.


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