More on manuals plus rescue

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Thu Aug 20 07:28:58 CDT 2015

> I guess if philistines want to pillage themselves, that is their sad
> perogative ... but if releasing the entirety of Manuals Plus to the public
> domain will break them, maybe they don't really have anything all that
> unique after all?

You are missing the point.

They may view releasing the entire Manuals Plus archive for free as a
threat, and eventual cause of acceleration, of their downfall. What
business model they follow does not matter. When they are out of
business, and their library is essentially worthless, some will likely
not be as generous as Manuals Plus and light up the burn barrel. And
maybe what gets burned are things that Manuals Plus never had, like
obscure military test set manuals or oddball communications radio
service manuals, because many manual guys are not as focussed as
Manual Plus.

I posted to warn Jason to tread lightly. There are some politics
involved here that if played right, ends up in more information
getting saved in the long run.


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