5.25 floppies that read but don't write

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Aug 20 00:09:51 CDT 2015

On 08/19/2015 09:10 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:

> We also had some fun when the purchasing department gave us HD disks!
>  (for use in TRS80 model 1 SD) They would sometimes FORMAT, WRITE,
> READ, and then minutes later, be blank again. The purchasing agent
> was in bed with somebody peddling RoyType, and kept substituting
> those for whatever we ordered.

About 4-5 years ago, I got a job of mostly Kaypro (DD) disks--about 400 
of them.

My heart sank when I saw about a box (10) full of DSHD (3M) floppies 
were in the lot.  Much to my surprise, each of the 20+ year old HD 
floppies read without errors.

So you never know...


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