VT100 keyboard (source?)

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 19 23:47:53 CDT 2015

> Thanks, that was a question I had been intending to ask, but to confirm:
> If one obtained (as appropriate) bare RX01/2 floppy drive(s), it would just be a
> matter of power supply for the floppies, and passive cabling to interface the drives
> to the CPU/display?

Depends on what you mean by 'bare floppy drives'.

An RX01/RX02 (all versions, rackmount, tabletop, etc) contains a pair of totally bare 
drives (no electronics at all), a PSU, and 2 PCBs. One is essentially the stuff you would
expect to find on floppy drives (read/write, stepper drivers etc), the other is a microcoded
controller (TTL in the RX01, AM2900 in the RX02). The host interface is a custom serial one,

The rackmount units use a 40 wire Berg cable to link to the bus interface in the PDP8/PDP11.
In the tabletop unit (and I assume the pedestal, but I have never seen one) there is a little PCB
with a Berg plug and a DB25 connector that links to the controller board. It is just the connectors,
no electronics. It route the signals to pins on the DB25.

So if you got a complete rackmount RX01/RX02 you could make up a special cable to link it
to the DECMate. I did the reverse to link a tabletop unit to a RX8E.


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