More on manuals plus rescue

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Aug 19 17:58:33 CDT 2015

> That is a most interesting metric. I honestly hadn't considered that issue.
> The key, I think, will be communication with them to understand which
> manuals have sales going on, and which ones it would be advantageous to get
> online because they have long dropped into historical myths. Thank you for
> the advice. All of it.

Yes, let the guys keep selling the higher demand documents - HP, Tek,
Heathkit. Nearly all of those are super common anyway (and plus, you
will run into problems posting Heath material). Focus on the weirder
stuff - Krohn-Hite, Systron Donner, Clough-Brengle, Packard
Instrument, Kay, and the like.

In fact, due to your time constraints, I would not bother with the HP,
Tek, or Heathkit manuals at all. They can wait for the next hoard.
They are low value targets eating up your limited resources.

And for some really-too-late advice: skip the boxes. Use gaylords. You
will perhaps double your efficiency. Halfway through my Radio Research
cleanout, I came across some gaylords, and they let me build them up
and use them. Sooo much better.  Manuals actually stack very nicely in


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