Probs w. M3119 CXY08 MUX on VAX VMS 7.3

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Wed Aug 19 14:33:12 CDT 2015

 From: Paul Koning <paulkoning at>

>> ...

> Ok. RSTS does indeed check for duplicate vectors. It also checks for 
> devices interrupting at too high a priority.

> It?s pretty neat code. Back in 1977 or so when that came out, it may 
> have been one of the first autoconfig systems, at least in DEC. It 
> could probe almost all devices supported by RSTS (and some not 
> supported); the exceptions being card readers and the DT07 bus switch. 
> But it would do hairy things like the KMC-11 and DMC-11, for example.

Wait?  What was tricky about KMCs and DMCs?  They used the same 
algorithms, I had it down cold at the time.
Speaking of which, I have one copy of the KMC-11A Programmer's Guide if 
anyone needs it or would like to scan it?

Dave (KMC-11 Tools Developer, RSX and VMS)

PS: I used ALGOLW on MTS in one of my ECE classes because we could 
represent processor registers and operations using bit arrays/vectors 
and boolean operations.  Thus building working models of systems in 

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