Probs w. M3119 CXY08 MUX on VAX VMS 7.3

Holm Tiffe holm at
Tue Aug 18 10:48:04 CDT 2015

Johnny Billquist wrote:

> On 2015-08-18 14:17, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >What makes me wonder is that I've wrote that the vector of the card schould
> >be 300...but:
> What makes you say the card should have vector 300?

That exactly is the question...
> >$ mcr sysgen
> >
> >         System CSR and Vectors on 18-AUG-2015 14:11:12.81
> >
> >  Name: PAA  Units: 1  Nexus:0    (CI )
> >  Name: PAB  Units: 1  Nexus:1    (CI )
> >  Name: EZA  Units: 4  Nexus:2    (NI )
> >  Name: PUA  Units: 1  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 772150  Vector1: 154  
> >  Vector2: 000
> >  Name: PTA  Units: 1  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 774500  Vector1: 260  
> >  Vector2: 000
> >  Name: PTB  Units: 1  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 760404  Vector1: 300  
> >  Vector2: 000
> >  Name: TXA  Units: 8  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 760440  Vector1: 310  
> >  Vector2: 314
> >
> >...floating vector?
> Yes, both PTB and TXA uses a floating vector. PTB also have a higher 
> "priority" in the configuration scheme, so it comes first. Which means 
> the vector of TXA becomes 310.
> Note that this is the vectors the OS is assuming the device will be 
> using. It does not mean that the actual hardware is using those vectors. 
> That is what the switches are for. But they should match what the OS 
> expect... Or else things will not work well.
> 	Johnny

..that's an experience I still have to make (see below).

In the meantime I found the Emulex CS08 and connected it to the terminal.
The CS08 has a 3 position switch on the breakout panel "N R S" for Normal,
Reset and Setup mode. One can connect a terminal and switch to Setup,
that's what I've done. I've entered the CSR 160440 (17760440) and the
vector 310 like sysgen was showing in sh/config. The Emulex worked,
previous vector was 300 where the problem was the same as on the CXY08.
Now it was pretty clear what the problem was, switched E28/8 to one (Vector
bit 3) on the CXY08, put it in, booted and voila .. its working now.

Understand my quandary: I have changed not a single bit on the hardware
while cleaning and repairing it and besides that DHU11-DHV11 Switch the
board was in the published factory setting!
I've got the machine in exactly this configuration and I'm not a guy that
toggles switches b'cause they are nice looking. That's why I've assumed
that the the hardware is in a working configuration and I've expected
that VMS should complain when a device isn't able to pull an interrupt
while initializing it ..but...
No error in the logs, no error while what?

Ok. Almost 3 days for such a simple problem..

Oh man... :-(

Ok, the beast seems to be working now as it should. Now I can try to fix
that "not properly dismounted" problem on dia1 ..I've relocated the
pagefile.sys to it b'cause of space considerations ..and VMS is to stupid
to dismount it properly. Next try ist to get the printer(s) working, one
serial and one over TCP/IP Port 9100 (old jet-direct Laserjet). Hopefully
I'm learning again to use the installed c-compiler..

Tomorrow my granddaughter is coming with familiy, time to play is over
then..  :-)

Thanks to all,

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