More on manuals plus rescue

Ian McLaughlin ian at
Tue Aug 18 10:26:55 CDT 2015

> On Aug 18, 2015, at 8:21 AM, Al Kossow <aek at> wrote:
> On 8/18/15 4:33 AM, Shoppa, Tim wrote:
>> I certainly feel bitsavers is a good model
> Too bad Jason Scott doesn't "get it"
> He destroyed the organizational schema of bitsavers when he "mirrored" it
> and had his little band of minions "curate" it for IA.
> THAT is why I will have nothing to do with him.

Are you serious? Jason is currently sweating his balls off trying to save at least a portion of a huge warehouse of unique documentation under an incredibly tight deadline. Does it really matter *where* the information is stored? IA? Bitsavers? What’s stopping someone mirroring what IA grabs and pitting it into bitsavers? Do you really think now is the time to whine about archival philosophy? Is there anyone involved in bitsavers grabbing stuff from that warehouse?

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