Probs w. M3119 CXY08 MUX on VAX VMS 7.3

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Tue Aug 18 09:12:22 CDT 2015

Holm Tiffe wrote:


> The additional VT420 is connected to txa3: and I haven't changed the term
> parameters since reboot:
> $ sh term txa3:
> Terminal: _TXA3:      Device_Type: Unknown       Owner: No Owner
>    Input:    9600     LFfill:  0      Width:  80      Parity: None
>    Output:   9600     CRfill:  0      Page:   24      
> Terminal Characteristics:
>    Interactive        Echo               Type_ahead         No Escape
>    No Hostsync        TTsync             Lowercase          No Tab
>    Wrap               Scope              No Remote          No Eightbit
>    Broadcast          No Readsync        No Form            Fulldup
>    No Modem           No Local_echo      Autobaud           No Hangup
>    No Brdcstmbx       No DMA             No Altypeahd       Set_speed
>    No Commsync        Line Editing       Overstrike editing No Fallback
>    No Dialup          No Secure server   No Disconnect      No Pasthru
>    No Syspassword     No SIXEL Graphics  No Soft Characters No Printer Port
>    Numeric Keypad     No ANSI_CRT        No Regis           No Block_mode
>    No Advanced_video  No Edit_mode       No DEC_CRT         No DEC_CRT2
>    No DEC_CRT3        No DEC_CRT4        No DEC_CRT5        No Ansi_Color
>    VMS Style Input
> $ 


> I'm now out of ideas..other suggestions?
> I would search my stock for the DHV-11 compatible Emulex card that I have
> and try it in that machine next.

Does anything happen when you press return (maybe a few times because Autobaud
is enabled) on the VT420?

$ REPLY /ENABLE on the console before you try this might also help - if VMS was
able to read from the terminal but not write to it, you might see nothing on
the terminal but you could get an OPCOM message to say that a login attempt
timed out, something like "error reading command input".

Peter Coghlan.

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