Creating 5.25" floppies

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Aug 17 19:06:51 CDT 2015

On 08/17/2015 06:25 PM, drlegendre . wrote:
> Gents,
> Do remember that I'm fairly confident this is a DD machine (the described
> daughterboard and v1.4 ROM are present)

Indeedy... :)

> so the ability to write +SD+ might
> not be of concern. It would be nice if the PC could do both, though..

I've got this hazy memory saying that the boot area (or possibly just the 
first track?) of the 'DD' CP/M disk might still be FM, though, even though 
the rest of the disk isn't, and so it needs a FM-capable controller to 
write out an image. Maybe I'm mixing that up with a different system, though...

I went through maybe ten different PCs here looking for one which could 
write FM, without any luck. Then I stumbled across an ISA multi-I/O card 
made by Goldstar which has an on-board FDC that *does* work, so that lives 
in an old Pentium-1 ISA/PCI AT machine with the motherboard's integrated 
FDC disabled in the BIOS.


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