Creating 5.25" floppies

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Aug 17 18:09:41 CDT 2015

>> Any sense of what PC models / controllers are capable of this task?
On Mon, 17 Aug 2015, Chris Osborn wrote:
> Anything that will run ImageDisk or Teledisk will work. It doesn’t 
> necessarily have to be one of those computers, you could pull the 360k 
> drives from one of them and hook them into a “newer” PC that still 
> has 5.25” 360k floppy support. There’s usually 360k floppy support 
> on motherboards up to the Pentium III era.

There are plenty of PCs that can run ImageDisk and/or Teledisk that CAN 
NOT do single density (FM).  Neither of those pieces of software alter the 
hardware capabilities of the machine.

> I personally use an old ABIT KT7A-RAID board which has a controller 
> which is capable of writing single-density/FM disks. I’ve got a 
> half-height 5.25” 360k drive in it connected as drive B and a 3.5” 
> 1.44M as drive A. I’ve used it quite often to create disks from my 
> original TRS-80 Model I which can only do SSSD. I’ve also used it to 
> make disks for the Kaypro and even make disks for my HP-150 which uses 
> single-sided 3.5” disks.

It is good that YOUR machine has FM/single-density capability.
And, yes, if your machine can do TRS-80 Model 1, then it can do Osborne 
single density - those two machine use almost the same physical format 
(except for D.A.M. issues on TRS-80).   The first day that I saw an 
Osborne, I looked at sectors on those disks using Superzap (Model 1 
Newdos), and Trakcess.

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