Shugart 800 spindle bearings (Re: Shugart 800-8 media centering problem)

tony duell ard at
Mon Aug 17 23:14:42 CDT 2015

> Well, in the process of repairing the Altos power supply I managed to
> break the center lead off of the TIP31A that feeds the 2N3055 series
> pass transistor.  This time, I need to order parts.

Do you? The centre lead (collector) is connected to the tab on that transistor. So a 
solder tag under the mounting screw (against the tab, not on top of an insulating bush
linked to the appropriate pad on the PCB should fix it.

> Looking at the parts diagram, I think I'll pull
> the spindle apart while waiting for my power supply parts, and see how
> hard it would be to replace the bearings.  Not all that hard, I'd think.

It's quite easy on every drive I've had apart.

The ball races are going to be standard sizes. You need to measure the outside diameter,
inside diameter (or the diameter of the spindle, which is a lot easier) and thickness. 

Over here there are companies that just sell ball and roller bearings. If you go to the trade
counter they will measure up the old bearings for you and find replacements most of the time.


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