Shugart 800-8 media centering problem

dwight dkelvey at
Sun Aug 16 10:46:08 CDT 2015

> From: cclist at
> I believe that the earlier Micropolis 5.25" floppy drives worked the 
> same way.  I recall that when they first came out, they'd mangle the hub 
> area of a floppy because the spindle motor often had been turned off by 
> the host.  Eventually, the design was modified so that the motor spun up 
> as the drive door closed, which solved the problem.
> Before that, Dysan had experimented with putting a reinforcing ring on 
> their floppies.  By the time high-density drives came out, the problem 
> had been solved so there was no need to reinforce the HD floppy hub area.
> --Chuck
I'd always wondered why that was so.It has been handy to see which were 360K as I don't think HD everhad the donut ( maybe rare ).Dwight  		 	   		  

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