Clearpoint DCME/Q4E configuration

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Aug 15 19:52:50 CDT 2015

Hi, does anyone know anything about the configuration of these boards?
(The document on BitSavers only covers the Q4B; the jumper configuration
on the Q4E is totally different.) They are 4MB quad QBUS memory cards;
PMI capable, I'm pretty sure.

I have two of them, one of which came out of an 11/84 (I never saw it in the
machine, though), and is so probably configured to run PMI. The thing is that
I stupidly mixed it in with the other one, and now I don't know which one is
which - and they are jumpered differently.

It doesn't have to be full (or any) documentation; if someone had one they
_knew_ was jumpered for, say, PMI operation, I could copy their jumper setup
(or see if one of mine already had the same).

If not, I'm going to start in on drawing a picture of all the jumpers, and
see what QBUS/PMI pins they are all connected to - looking at the card,
there's a big row of jumpers next to the pins the PMI is on, and the jumpers
are all 'on' on one card, and all 'off' on the other, so I suspect the one
card is jumpered for PMI operation, and the other, not.

So, even if there no documentation extant at all, we should be able to more of
less figure out what many of the jumpers do, and start making use of these

But any help/info would be gratefully received!


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